Cubase 12 activations limit and releasing, Steinberg Team

Thanks! No, I’ve installed nothing on the windows pc except for the new activation manager. I’m not there anymore now, but maybe I should uninstall that then it will all go back to normal?

Bob - I think you’ve been hit with the issue outlined here

there is a bug in the latest version of the Steinberg Application Manager - this means that it can’t see the the licenses that are available on the dongle.

As a workaround until (or if?) steinberg fix it you need to ENABLE the cubase 12 activation in the Steinberg Application Manager. You DO NOT need to install cubase 12 just enable the licence.

Thanks very much!! I’ll give it a try this afternoon.

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It worked. Nice very simple fix, but still a bit strange. My Cubase then immediately crashed for the first time with this new computer (9 months, brand new i9 build). Started up fine a second time, but I didn’t have time to run it for long, so it’s a little unnerving, but anyway, thanks again for the quick fix! Just activate 12, and everything seems more correct in the world for 11 and halion and groove agent…

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good news.

@Ben_at_Steinberg has promised a fix for the licence problem early next week - but if you’re happy to keep the C12 licence activated no need to rush into updating :slight_smile:

I’m going to say it again as nobody seems to acknowledge the root of the problem - automatically pushing updates to SAM is a disaster waiting to happen. This bug was easy to work around but next time who knows what havoc it might reap ?

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There is a God after all!

What about a Cubase OS? Am I over-stepping?