Cubase 12 AI & Cubase 11 Pro Running on The Same System?

Have searched and not found an answer: are there any known issues with running Cubase 12 and Cubase 11 on the same computer?

I had no problems on an old Win XP machne with running SX, SX3, and Cubase 5. However, what with the eLicenser changes, etc, is this kind of thing still do-able?

The reason that I ask is that I have a code for Cubase AI that came with a recent purchse (UR22 MK2), and I’d like to run it alongside Cubase 11 for the interim…


They are completely separate installations, so no.

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I have Cubase 11 Pro and 12AI running on one of my systems (Win 10) without any issues.

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Thanks guys.