Cubase 12 AI wont start - freeze on Splash Screen - checking License


Starting on Saturday (02/11/23), all of a sudden Cubase wont start - it freezes on the splash screen, and I have to kill the process in the task manager (win 10). When I try to start it again, I get a “open in safe mode” prompt, and only after repeated (usually three times) by either ignoring the preferences, or deleting the preferences does Cubase eventually start. Then when I close cubase, and try to restart it, the cycle repeats.

Ive noticed in the task manager, that the freeze is always occurring when its checking for a license. I got this software for free, because it came with my Steinberg UR22C audio interface. I can successfully run the activation manager. I can successfully run the eLicenser Control Center. I can successfully run the Steinberg Download Assistant. Everything checks out fine.

But then Itry to run Cubase, and same thing - freezes on Splash screen. I noticed that the window on the left side of the splash screen (where I think subject recommendation links were listed with pretty pictures) is now just a white pane…

Cubase has been broken like this for the past three days. I dont know what to do to get this back up and running. Can anyone help me with this? Is there any customer support for Cubase 12 AI, the freebie edition?

Please contact the US support for further help:
Steinberg USA support contact – Steinberg Support

If a crash dump is produced by the freeze (this would be mentioned in the safe mode dialog), please send that file with the support request.