Cubase 12 and ASIO4all

Hi, I have recently downloaded ASIO4ALL for Cubase 12 and I now have a lot of glitches and unwanted noises, even on MIDI tracks. I have increased the buffer as high as I can and still no reduction in noises. I have reset the driver to Generic Low latency ASIO driver that was there when I started Cubase and the key and tempo are now different. I have tried activating Steinberg audio Power scheme, no difference. Any thoughts? Thanks

Hi @Micheal_O_Halloran,

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which soundcard are you using?


What audio interface do you use?
Have you tried running LatencyMon to see if there are any processes that stand in the way of smooth DAW use?

Most likely the project sample rate in Cubase and the sample rate of the audio interface (or driver) does not match.

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Hi, thanks for the reply. The system I am using manufacturer ASUSTeK Computer, system model Vivobook ASUS Laptop M15021A_M15021A, Bios M15021A.301, Processor AMD Ryzen 7 4800H with Radeon graphics, Memory 16384MB Ram. I cannot find details on the sound card

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Hi @Micheal_O_Halloran,

Is the first one of those three laptops the one you have (Vivobook 15)?

Vivobook 15 (M1502) - Tech Specs|Laptops For Home|ASUS Global

If so, the internal audio interface may be from ASUS themselves, and might be called “SonicMaster” (and might use an equalizer plug-in named “ICEPower”).
Never used a device that had this one built-in, so sadly I can’t say anything about its overall performance.

In order to comfortably (and glitch-free) work with Cubase 12, the best way would really be to acquire an affordable 2 channel USB audio interface (or better, depending on how much you want to invest).
For example by Tascam, Steinberg / Yamaha, Focusrite, Presonus, Motu, as long as it uses either USB2 or USB3.


Hi, you are correct. The HW sample rate on the ASIO4all driver is 44,100 KHz while Cubase was at 48,100. That has helped remove glitches. Many thanks for your help.

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Hi @Micheal_O_Halloran,

glad that @mlib’s advice resolved your glitch problem!
You can also give his helpful reply the “Solution” marking that this forum system provides.

Apart from that:
in more complex audio projects within Cubase, it is very likely that those glitches might come back some day, since internal audio interfaces often have some subtle performance restrictions, often represented by problems with accumulating signal latencies (and thus: glitches, crackling, etc.).
In such a case, getting an external USB audio interface would still be highly recommended, since dedicated audio interfaces are usually much more powerful (even those which cost no more than USD 100 to 150)!

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Thanks Marcus



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