Cubase 12 and Band in the box 2022 keeps closing

Hello, Every time I’m working with BB and Cubase 12, as I’m working with BB everything disappears, closes, gone. Anyone else?

If you can provide a step by step reproduction sequence, I’ll test it, since I have b.i.a.b.

But I’ll say, in my experience their VST plugin is virulently unstable.

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Could you also attach the *.crash/ips/DMP file if it has been generated, please?

That would be a great album title! :grinning:

p.s. and yeah, I’ve also experienced that with the BIB plugin over the years.

indeed :joy:

Fun aside, even if plugins crash, Cubase should be able to handle that. Would save a lot of headache. If you think the same, would be glad if you could support this FR by voting for it!

Solution to crashes by plugins - Sandboxing (Crash protection) - Cubase - Steinberg Forums