Cubase 12 and Cubase 11 on different computers?

Can I use Cubase 12 and Cubase 11 on different computer?

Yes. You can activate Cubase 12 on up to three computers that you use personally.

On the second machine, install Steinberg Download Assistant to install the software. Sign in to Steinberg Activation Manager (which Steinberg Download Assistant will install) to activate the licence.

Hi, Tanks for your answer, but I have one old Macpro with High Sierra which I can’t install Cubase 12 and I can’t update to more new version of Mac OS. My other computer is Macbook pro with Catalina which I have install cubase 12 to. When I try start Cubase 11 on my Macpro High Sierra it refuse to start.

Move the USB eLicenser to the Catalina machine, then buy and activate the Cubase 12 update. You will now have a Cubase 12 licence on the Catalina machine, and a Cubase 11 licence on the USB eLicenser.

Return the USB eLicenser to the High Sierra machine. If Cubase 11 will not work, run Maintenance in eLicenser Control Center to download an up-to-date database.

Fine! Thanks a lot!