Cubase 12 and internet issues

Hey all, I’m new to Cubase coming from Studio One. On Mac, has anyone else noticed internet connection issues while or after running Cubase 12 Pro? For my machine, my network connection is perfectly fine until running Cubase. But once running, I have issues. Sometimes it disappears after disconnecting and reconnecting wifi but I just think it’s a little strange. Is anyone else having this issue?

I have noticed that sometimes Cubase 12 will hang on checking license. If I turn off WIFI then it boots up faster. I have gotten this error below.

In my PC, Cubase takes almost 10 seconds checking licences, but after that it starts normally.

And if I turn internet off, Cubase starts much faster.

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The internet connection was off the other day and it told me I didn’t have a license. When the connection came back, so did my license. So I put the laptop in airplane mode and sure enough it can’t find that I have a license. Take it out of airplane mode, and I do have a license.

Something is not right in that part of the code. It doesn’t happen every time though.

I have experienced Cubase crashing when I have it running and turn off wifi. However, if I close Cubase normally, turn wifi off permanently, then reboot. Then open Cubase, it is fine.

So, maybe that will help them figure out what it is. Can I get Beta tester status next time? :cowboy_hat_face:

So obviously their new licensing system is heavily dependent on the network interface.