Cubase 12 and Korg Nano Kontrol Studio

Among the available Cubase 12 Midi Remote scripts are two for Korg Nano Kontrol 1 and 2, but none for Nano Kontrol Studio.

It was no problem getting most buttons, knobs and faders connected to basic funtions working from scratch.

But I have two questions:
a) is it possible to use Korg’s “Scene” button to access different pages of functions within Cubase 12 Midi Remote?
b) how can I program the Korg controller jogwheel to do things like bi-directional vertical zoom in (jog wheel right) and vertical zoom out (joh wheel left)? I don’t find bi-directional functionality in the Cubase Midi controller commands for knob assignment.

Hi @jim_knopf,
I don’t think it is. Because the scene button probably changes the MIDI message (CC#, note#, channel#) when being hit. Some MIDI controllers provide a “DAW” mode, what means every control is always sending the same message type.
I don’t know how the nanoKONTROL Studio works, does it have a DAW or Mackie mode?

Ok, just tried it with scene 2 by setting up another quick control page, but that page doesn’t react to NanoKontrol input from scene 2.
And yes, it makes sense that this can’t work.

But I still hope for a solution to get the jogwheel work bi-directional with things like vertical zoom.

I have read this old thread one year later. It seems that it says that Korg nanoKONTROL Studio does not work with Cubase. But it does. It is true that Cubase 12 does not recognize it immediately, (as for instance nano KONTROL 2). But it works fine configured as a Mackie Control. User manual tells how to set it up.
I thought this would be useful for future readers :slight_smile: