Cubase 12 and or Cubase 9 license problem

hello all, I have the following self inflicted problem and hope someone can help me out .Due to my experimentation with cb 12, recent projects in the file hierarchy will not load if the Cubase icon is selected, I get a message saying no valid license found and refers to CB 9 ( hope to include a screen shot) > There is only one project shown in the hub, if selected it will load,.but not if selected from the file folder icon. A new project can be created and same scenario it will load from the hub but not from the file folder. the Steinberg activation manager tells me my license is activated. I don’t do many projects so was exploring a screen shot showing how to use one instance of Halion for multiple midi tracks but I believe the problem is while creating a new project I attempted to change the path from the default file location to an external hard drive this did not work so I reverted back to the default location then noticed the file name had changed in the hub…any thoughts appreciated thx


It looks like your system is set to start Cubase 9 by default, if you double-click any *.cpr file. Your USB-eLicenser is probably not plugged in at this moment, therefore Cubase 9 cannot start.

hi the CB 9 dongle has not been connected since going to CB 12 and all has worked fine until now, any cpr file would open even one done on CB9 , now a fresh project created on CB 12 will not boot from cpr…after reading a dongle was no longer necessary using CB 12 I removed it and promptly misplaced it, if I can locate it do you recommend I reinstall? If not wonder can I get a new dongle licensed for CB9? there is a workaround but would like to fix of course… thx Martin


The point is, Windows is set to open Cubase 9 by default. If you open the project from already running Cubase 12, then it opens in Cubase 12, of course. But if you open it from a Windows folder, it uses this default application (which is Cubase 9, in your case).

hi Martin, thank you for your help… I do understand the machine is looking for CB 9 , what I don’t get is why it suddenly changed. Do you know Is there a way to reverse the situation? anything you would suggest ? thx again!


Sorry, I’m not a Windows user. Search (Google) how to assign dedicated application to a given extension, please.

hi Martin, you have helped me out before and I do appreciate your comments… thank you