Cubase 12 and Roland Integra 7

On my system(Mac) the plugin for Roland’s Integra 7 (ver2) freezes the program. There is no feedback provided. I have to force quit.
Everything works fine in Cubase 11.
Any help will be welcome.


Are you on Intel or M1 Mac, please?

Hi Martin

I’m on an Intel Mac running Big Sur.


OK, so there is not the M1 incompatibility issue. Is the plug-in macOS 12 compatible, please?

Hi Martin

Don’t know. I’m running Big Sur. Plug in works with Cubase 11

Was this ever fixed?

2.0.5 is the last version of the editor/plug-in, programmed for macOS 10.15 Catalina.

I now use “Integra-7 Sound Editor” which is an excellent stand-alone editor but not a plug-in. v1.53, a beta version, is available for M1 Macs and has been reliable on macOS 14 and 13, and maybe 12 but I don’t clearly remember.

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