Cubase 12 and UR816-C

I recently upgraded from Cubase9 to Cubase12 on Mac (latest OS)
When I start Cubase 12 with ‘Internal Audio’ all goes well, when I change to the ASIO driver to '‘Steinberg UR816-C’ Cubase freezes and becomes useless.


Opened a ticket at Steinberg, but no reply for the last 3 weeks.

Just to make sure, you have installed the latest Tools and the latest Yamaha USB driver?

The installation of the latest version of Tools, fails for an unknown reason. ‘Please contact your supplier’

Luc…I had similar problems, with my Windows PC…I now run my UR22-C thru ASIO4ALL…I believe there is a Mac version…so far, no more Cubase lagging, freezinorshutting down…you can still tweak your settings by opening the app, just wont see the UR in your Inspector anymore