Cubase 12 and VARI AUDIO possible bug on recall

while working with Cubase 12 (updated to the latest version) I’ve noticed that the audio tracks edited in VARI AUDIO, with the “folder” method with “Group Editing” and “Phase-Coherent Audiowarph” activated, it seems to work normally at first glance, while I edit, listen and then save.
However, if I close the project and Cubase and then reopen it the next time, the recall totally misses the pitch of the notes edited with that VARI AUDIO session and so everything is out of tune (much worse, clearly far more than the original, of course).
Tried on voices and human whistle. The corrections works and I can export it, but once closed and recalled it becomes a totally mess, so I must redo everything again new from scratch.

I seriously think it’s a bug.
Any other experience of this issue?

PC AMD Ryzen 9 5950x
MB Asus X570 ROG Strix-I
Ram 64GB
Windows 10 1909
Cubase 12 up to date
Project working at 48kHz - 24 bit