Cubase 12 application was terminated unexpectedly


Does the crash still happens to you?

If yes, can you check the output of the when this crash happens, please?

This is not about the Hub. Some Objective-C Exception was thrown in a secondary thread (which is not identifiable). This Objective-C Exception is normally reported in the output.

Hi Martin,
Groove Agent SE and Halion Sonic SE are both at, 3.7.3.
I have found that if I turn Off the Nectar Impact 25 Cubase12 runs as expected, is I have now connected my Roland D20 via the UR22 mk11 midi port, and everything is OK, I have contacted Nectar tech dept, and they are looking into the problem, I found the fault, By error really, as you were looking into my desktop, I turned off the LX25, and forgot about it you connected and it ran perfectly, then I booted up Cubase it rand perfectly, then I realised Id turn off the LX25, as soon as I turned it on Cubase crashed, so If Nectar can’t clear the problem ill stick with my old Roland.

Hi, Martin what happens when Ive used the 10, 2 step authentication codes that Steinberg gave me Ive now used 3. I enter my user, then password, then I have to use another code to contact Steinberg re a major problem I have with Cubase12 crashing on opening, Ive disconnected the UR22mk11, and deleted the preference. I hope you can help


Do you have the latest Cubase 12.0.52 update installed, please? Does it still crash?

I have downloaded with Download Assistant 12.0.52 and installed the application from my downloads folder, I have done this 3 times with the same result, I have tried deleting the pref folder, I have tried renaming the pref folder to get Cubase to produce another, I get to the safe mode page displayed where you can choose the options, click ok it gets to the hub and closes. thanks for your response Martin, much appreciated.

Hi Martin, I have found by chance, that I select Spectral layers from the Audio, extensions menu in Cubase 11 Cubase quits, Both Spectral Layers for 11 &12 are installed in my applications folder, I don’t know if that’s the correct location, as I installed both from my downloads folder that the assistant put them in.
I’m not sure if has any bearing. 11 runs ok as long as I don’t touch the spectral layers app.


The crash is in SpectraLayers. So the SpectraLayers crashes (in any Cubase version) and takes Cubase (as the host) with.

Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

For Clarity Martin, From the Audio Menu- extensions, choose spectral layers, and Cubase quits, in Cubase Pro 11, I can’t say about 12, that crashes before I get passed the hub.

I did remove Spectral layers 8 that comes with Cubase12, then tried to open Cubase 12 to see if that was causing the problem, but it crashed the same as before. hope that helps


Could you attach the new *.ips file, please?

Not sure what the ups file is?

the ips bloody


*.ips are the crash files on Mac. The same type, you sent me before.

Martin I can’t see how to attach the file to this post

You can either drop the file directly in the reply window, or click on the button above


Cubase 12-2023-01-13-111504.ips (60.3 KB)
Cubase 11-2023-01-13-084138.ips (61.9 KB)
Hope This Helps Juergen


You did it here already…

Or am I missing something?


If the same as before means this:

Then you have to have even other SpectraLayers version installed. Or you didn’t uninstall it properly. If you would uninstall it completely, there wouldn’t be the Spectra Layers option in the extension.

Or did you mean something different?

Could you please clarify?

I have unInstalled in 12, reinstalled in 11,
my downloads folder is where the .dmg files are loaded into by the download assistant Spectral 7 for 11, and spectral8 for 12 I can reinstall 8 for 12 should you require when I get Back to my studio. but with or without it installed 12 crashes soon after boot, just before the hub. let me know what you require


I’m confused (again). So when the 2 crashes, you posted above, happened? Immediately after the start, before the Steinberg Hub? Or was it different?