Cubase 12 application was terminated unexpectedly

Hi nickyboy180.

Just curious, do you have another account on the PC you run Cubase on, that you can log in to, and see if it opens in that account?.

I ask this because, I had all kinds of issues with the SDA, and just couldn’t get it to work, following all advice I could find here on the forums, to no avail.

I created a new account on my PC, and was able to use the SDA with no problems. Got me thinking something was not quite right in the account I was previously using.

Ended up switching accounts, but had to reactivate/reinstall certain, but not all, plugins.

Might be worth a try, just to make sure it’s not account specific.

Hi, I’m On A iMac desktop, running Ventura. I haven’t A windows Machine. thanks for the response

Hi Arne, I didn’t see your response, I did as you suggested And Cubase12 ran with the following Messages

What’s The Next stage, Im on a Mac desktop, Version Ventura 13.1
You’re the only one that has got me beyond basis boot thank for that



Now run the Cubase 12 Installer again and install the latest HALion Sonic SE and you should be up and running. Hopefully :wink:

Hi Arne, is that from the downloads manager, or is that from the installer that I downloaded from the link the Steinberg gave me, the one that I installed, the version with the renamed components_off/

Hi Arne, it looks like Prologue isn’t installed, and Halion se has missing ports, after running again the installer,

I’ll keep digging to see what I can find.

Hi Arne, I’m missing Prologue, has it been removed from Cubase 12? I can’t see it in Either the downloads manager, or in the download that Steinberg gave me.

Prologue is not available in Cubase 12 anymore.

Hi Arne,thanks for all your help, Ive found Halion Se wasn’t installed I have installed from my download folder and it appears OK, I’ll let you know if alls well, does it matter that the Components folder is Off, in 12, it doesn’t appear to be missing anything.
Thanks once again.

If possible, zip the contents of the Components_off folder and make it available to us, then we can see which of the components did this to you.

Hi @Arne_Scheffler ,

It seems the LX components are faulty. See this post, please.

Hi Martin, I have removed to the bin the Components Folder that renamed, now I just have the newly installed components Folder, and everything including my Impact LX25 is functioning as expected, I think the problem is solved. to which I’m quite pleased
Thanks for your assistance, much appreciated.

Hi Arne, Martin Pointed out to me that I’s a known problem with LX components, I have removed the renamed Components Folder to the trash bin, and all is working as expected, how would I zip these files over to you would it required a program for the Mac, I use to do it Ok with windup back in the day but never with a Mac

See if these files are zipped and what you require. (1.5 MB) (1.5 MB) (1.5 MB) (1.5 MB) (1.5 MB) (1.5 MB) (1.5 MB) (1.5 MB) (1.5 MB) (1.5 MB) (1.5 MB) (1.5 MB)

Martin these files were requested by Arne_Scheffler who is the Guy that pointed me to the components Folder Clear I hope that I have sent to him but it came up on your page. Lol

OK, these components are very old and from another company. I did not know that this stuff exists.
At least your Cubase is up and running. Now have some fun making music!!!

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Cheers Arne Thanks once again

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You could try the install etc, if you have a MIDI keyboard in the usb port try removing that, especially if it’s a Nectar, I’m not saying it will help you but I found with Nectar components installed an My LX 49 plugged in and turned on Cubase12 crashes as soon as I turn on the LX49, I have mine now without the Nectar component installed they are trying to find out why mine crashes in which I’m helping with sending them the Valois crash reports as we try different things, :scream: