Cubase 12 (ARM) can't load old projects that had VST2 plugins in them

When I load Cubase 12 through Rosetta it can load old projects fine but when I run it as native ARM it is unable to load any old projects or old templates. It just gets stuck with the blue bar bouncing back and forth forever.

These old projects definitely do contain old VST2 plugins that are not available as VST3. I would expect it to load the project with the missing plugins marked as such and show an error so I can replace the few missing plugins with an alternative. Instead it seems incapable of even loading the project at all.

The result is C12 won’t load any saved project I’ve ever made when it’s running native. The rosetta version works fine.

I’m on M1 Pro Monterey 12.2.1

I figured out what was causing this issue. I was using Bluecat Patchwork with a saved chain that has some non native VST. If you try to load non native plugins into Patchwork hosted in native cubase it hangs forever. I use that chain often, but projects without it load as expected.