Cubase 12 - Arpache SX presets change

Can’t change the presets quickly like in the old version.Have a lot of presets and browsing thru them isn’t easy anymore like the old version…am i missing something?Could change presets with the mouse wheel before…

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Hi jeremy_peters,
Did you find a solution ? Same problem here…

It’s absolutely awful what they’ve done - Every time you reach for a different preset you have to open up the tree view and select - trouble is, the tree is collapsed each time you go in.

You can’t even cursor down through the presets as you can in some library views where it changes presets live, as it requires a selection to activate, which then closes the preset browser, collapses the tree… etc. etc.

Getting sick of these backwards moves, How such changes go through a team of people and are signed off is surreal.

Not sorted in C12.0.1, shall we presume it’s deliberate?

Not really…Don’t think there is…
using cubase 11 for now…also you can’t make new presets either…all the midi inserts are screwed up…I’m sure it’ll get updated soon …must have been overlooked…also should be easy to implement.
fingers crossed :slight_smile:

Thank you !

Can we have the mouse wheel support back, please?