Cubase 12 artist constant crackling

I just have to say I am hugely disappointed with my recent purchase of cubase 12 artist . I am actually a gigging drummer , so I have to think long and hard about splurging money on guitars , basses , synths and any other accoutrements relating to home recording for my own self amusement ; when I could invest it in drum gear . I had fully planned to upgrade to cubase 12 pro as a Christmas prezzie to myself this year but I am so irritated by the fact that I am not even able to sit of an evening and have a little strum and noodle guitar session due to the constant crackling . I have tried a few suggestions regarding adjusting buffer sizes and latency but none of those have fixed the problem .Total pain in the arse having spent the amount of money that this stuff costs for it not to work . I don’t think it would be a wise move to upgrade even further just to end up with a more complex version of something that doesn’t work ; especially when they expect me to pay that sort of money . I will probably invest it in a load of drumsticks .

It’s not the program. It’s your computer. You don’t mention anything about what your computer is or the specs of it. If you want help then ask a question and give as much details as you can. If you just want to complain then you are doing it in the wrong place

Apparently the few you did try were the wrong ones. Folks here will be more than happy to help you figure out what’s happening on your computer. However you need to supply enough information for them to do that. Stuff like your computer specs, OS, detailed description of the problem(s) you’ve encountered, any patterns you’ve noticed, specifically what have you already tried to fix it. Does the problem constantly occur, or only sometimes?

On the other hand if you just want to vent here on the forum, that’s cool too. Happens all the time

All DAWs will crackle and pop if the settings are wrong or some other conditions aren’t met. Here’s some stuff you can work through and check off:

This is precisely the place to complain .( You need to look up what a forum actually is) .I have had zero difficulty with my recently purchased laptop .
Everything has installed or synced flawlessly except cubase (it took 3 attempts ) . Everything else installed on the laptop works fine . If you want to present yourself as a mouthpiece and defender of Steinberg that’s fine but you explain to me what I need to adjust on my laptop so that when I try to contact Steinberg directly I am not automatically redirected to the products page . I have been trying to get a reply for about a month .You might want to have a look on this FORUM at just how many people are having problems with cubase 12 .The other thing that I am having problems with is in Groove Agent ; dragging a pattern into the grid and playing it back and it’s not the pattern I selected , technology isn’t my forte but there is no way that my laptop has a setting that can adjust to fix that .

Streaming multichannel audio and real-time effects puts considerable strain on a computer which requires that it does t get interrupted. Laptops are the worst culprit as if you find what is causing it you may not be able to swap it out like you can in a desktop. Just because you can run other software well doesn’t mean Cubase or other DAW will.

So have you google and gone through all the windows tweaks for audio? Also google latencyMon, download and run it. It will give you an indication about what is causing the interrupts to the audio.

An initial thread would have been best to ask for help and add all your details on as I said at first. These forums are mainly frequented by users and not steinberg.

There are plenty of people willing to help if you ask rather than just complain.


Don’t just assume that I am on this forum complaining straight off the bat . I have tweaked a load of things in windows I have run latencyMon . If you have so much faith in the product try submitting a ticket and see what happens .I have been trying it day in day out for a month and as I have already said I get redirected to the product page where I can buy a load of stuff to satisfy my creative nature ; but as it stands I am not even able to plug in 1 guitar and have a little play . Not even recording multiple tracks or using lots of effects or even a drumbeat .
I don’t have a problem asking for help or advice , I was on the forum a week ago asking for help regarding crackling and tried what was suggested .It didn’t solve the issue . If you think you are helping what you could do is contact Steinberg directly on my behalf and tell them I’m not amused ,
go on I dare you , it sounds like everything works out just tickety boo for you .

Constant crackling can be caused by using two digital audio devices and not syncing their audio clocks. Are you using a AD/DA converter or ADAT Lightpipe device and have that connected to your audio interface? Talking about hardware here…
Could also be a digital guitar FX device connected digitally to the audio interface.

Okay , thank you .

Thank you ,I shall have a good read through of that .

You’re welcome!