Cubase 12 artist, dmx midi controller

I just cant get cubase to talk to my dmx controller correctly.
I can shift banks and scenes easy when i point the mouse on the piano on the piano roll. But when i add a note on the same place nothing happens? Does anyone have an answer what my problem is? I did this in my band 15 years ago but now I haven`t got a clue.

ADJ DMX Operator 384 - User Manual .pdf (2.3 MB)

Hello mate!!
Did you manage to fix this issue?
I have the same problem. or worse…
I can’t get Operator 384 to receive anything at all.
When you say that you can move it with the mouse on the piano… how do you have Operator 384 connected? Through the USB port of the Operator 384??
And the Operator 384 in what way do you have it granted? (DMX Mode or MIDI Mode)

Yes I solved it.
I use a midi interface.
I just forgot to turn the switch to midi on the back of the 384.

OK great!!!
So it tells me that you use a USB/MIDI interface?? Do you NOT use the USB connection of the Operator 384??

And for Cubase to receive messages, it has to be in the MIDI position?
In the ADJ Forum, the support people tell me that to receive MIDI and send DMX the Operator 384 has to be in the NORMAL (DMX) position.
Please explain your configuration to me. I’ve been with this for days and I can’t get it to work.

Thank you!!!