Cubase 12 (Artist): Freeze/Crash on every start on windows; dumps attached

I have purchased Cubase 12 Artist about a month ago and on every start of the application, I have to go through the same motion:

  • the application freezes on the welcome screen (with “news”, recent projects / project templates)
  • I have to quit via CTRL+ALT+DEL
  • I start Cubase again; on the screen with the crash note I select to disable my preferences; then the application starts and is usable

I have attached the two latest freezedumps; can attach more if it helps. Maybe someone knowledgeable sees something I can do on my end to avoid this behavior?

I am seriously considering to look into refund possibilities. For the price I paid, this is not an acceptable workflow. Funnily enough, on my macbook, cubase starts without any troubles. But my audio workstation is a windows PC, so I’d really like to use cubase there…

Any help is appreciated! I can attach more freeze dumps or information about my system if it helps…

Cubase Artist 64bit 2023.2.2 (767.3 KB)
Cubase Artist 64bit 2023.2.2 (753.4 KB)

Welcome to the forum.

Your dump shows you are stopped in the Windows audio driver. There is a known problem with the old MIDI driver, so can you please go to Studio->Studio Setup and configure the MIDI Port Setup to use WinRT MIDI and try it again.

Yes, that seems indeed to have solved the problem, thanks a lot!