Cubase 12 Artist , not letting me export mixdown, its nice to have one more thing to worry about ;}

not letting me export mixdown
export window box just flashes


What exactly does it mean, please? Does it mean the window just appears and disappear immediately? Or does it appears and disappears repeatedly? Or does the content of the window flash?

Could you try in the Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

When i click export on mp3
the window just flashes for a nano second like it does not like it
like a wrong command, i guess

but when i choose a different codec i just get the
see screen shot

same thing in safe mode
the pref box clicked

Hi, please search on the forum for the Unexpected error while Export.

No Thanks
I’ve wasted enough of my life on these forums. Since my purchase of C12
It’s not my software to fix ,
all passion of making music has been sucked out of me
every time I’ve used it has been issue after issue.

It’s one of the most expensive software i own and the only one I’ve ever had problems with
So if i can’t export render, what’s the point
im just too tired to go through pages and pages of forum

Please note that the discussion forums aren’t the Steinberg Tech Support dept, I would suggest contacting them by phone or by opening a support ticket in your Steinberg account if you don’t want to use the forum search for this.

But if you did use the forum search, the topic @Martin.Jirsak referred to is the first result in the list:
Search results for 'Unexpected error while Export' - Steinberg Forums.

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It was because I was exporting to desktop.
No flag from Cubase software to tell me this is not possible, but I guess it’s my fault
Ps, you may want to change your tone, if this is customer’s first point of contact.
But i understand you are defending the company


The Desktop has weird permissions on Windows. Nothing to do with Cubase.

Thanks for the info :innocent:
this must be new in Win 11
Might be something Cubase want to add is add a flag
when the software sees this


It has been like this since ever. I believe you can custom the permissions.