Cubase 12 Artist purchased...Groove Agent 5 states license needed

Guys…this is just a hot mess. I purchased Cubase 12 Artists which states that multiple VST files, including Groove Agent 5 comes with it. I have try installed, re-installing…removing and reinstalling…it does not show up in library manager and it always states I do not have a license if I try accessing it in Cubase. Also tried double clicking the vstsound files directly and library manager states it is already registered but it doesn’t show up…any ides??? Extremely frustrated with this software.

Just to add on, they also do not show up in the VST Sounds folder in the Media Bay…in fact…Nothing shows up in that folder and it is uncheckable!

No, it really is not.

The included VST is Groove Agent SE

You bought Cubase Artist, so you own the products in the Cubase Artist 12 tab of the Download Assistant.

Revisit that tab and download your purchased products.

OK, apologies all around…newbie user error all around here. Apparently the Groove Agent SE5 installed by itself has some licensing issue with Cubase 12 Artist. So I uninstalled that and installed the Groove Agent SE 5.1.11 and no license error, vstsound double clicks state they are activated already, but still not showing up in the VST sound folder in the Media Bay as well as the tab in the Activation manager. Then I realized that apparently I need both the instrument and the content packages installed for these, after which the additional folders appeared in Activation manager as well as the VST Sounds folder in the Media Bay.