Cubase 12 Asio Driver Issue and Crashes


Each time I launch Cubase 12 Pro it does not recognize my Asio Driver even though it is installed.

My Studio 192 works fine for anything else within the windows. When I open Cubase 12 pro I have to press F4 to select the Audio Device so it recognizes. Right now I have the latest updates for Cubase 12 , Studio 192 and Windows.

Also another issue that I am facing, each time I close my Cubase 12 Pro the application fails to close and it stays in a crashed state.

My Specs:

Intel I9 9900K

Gigabyte Z390 AORUS ELITE


GTX 1050 TI


Thanks in advance,

By default, <F4> opens the MixConsole 2, so I guess that you made a key command to use F4 as such, but which command does it actually trigger ?
Beside this, could you post a screenshot of the Audio System pane of your Studio>Studio Setup… window, just after the Cubase launch, this to see which driver is selected at this very moment ?

Beside this, if Cubase doesn’t shut down properly, it is likely that Cubase preferences aren’t updated in a reliable way. So, I would try to start Cubase in safe mode (<ctrl> + <shift> + <alt> when launching Cubase) and use the Disable program preferences option in the Safe Mode Dialog window, set the correct ASIO driver again and relaunch Cubase to see if this time, it is kept.

That is the reason it not saves the ASIO driver assignment.

No. Default is audio connection settings window.

Indeed. I probably made a key command somewhere in the past for it without remembering it. Sorry…