Cubase 12 asking for dongle

I have just upgraded to Cubase Pro 12 from Pro 11 but it is saying I have no valid license for Retrologue and sample packs. It work’s if I have the dongle connected. I thought the whole purpose of of 12 was to that the dongle is no longer required. I have resinstalled retrologue and sample packsfrom Steinberg download assistant but still get the same error.

From the above link:


We are beginning the transition from eLicenser to the new Steinberg Licensing system. Over time, as new versions of our creative tools and instruments are introduced, our product line will use Steinberg Licensing — starting with Dorico 4 and Cubase 12 in 2022. We expect the overall transition will take between one and two years.

Steinberg Licensing will provide greater convenience, more flexibility, and enable you to use your Steinberg software in new, more powerful ways. For example, single-user licenses can be activated on two computers, so you can easily run your software in your studio and on the road. You won’t need to remember your USB-eLicenser when you travel or need to work at a new location: you can simply download your software, sign in with your Steinberg ID, and you will be up and running right away.

Later in 2022, we will also be introducing dedicated support for institutional and enterprise licensing, making it easier for schools, colleges, universities, and businesses to deploy, manage and use Steinberg software.


Can I continue using my eLicensers?

Yes. The eLicenser system will be maintained and run for some time to come, at least until such time as all actively maintained Steinberg products have been transitioned to the new Steinberg Licensing system. Even after the eLicenser server is eventually decommissioned, further still into the future, existing USB-eLicensers will continue to work for as long as they remain functional and you are still able to run the corresponding software versions on your computer.

However, if you want to take advantage of the new features and improvements that will be introduced in major updates to Steinberg software, when you update to a new version using Steinberg Licensing, you will not have the option of using your eLicenser for that version of that product.