Cubase 12 audio not in sync with waveform inside parts

I have one Project in that some waveforms inside a part are not following the audio timing.
So, in other words The part plays the audio, but the waveform is coming 1 second later.
The beginning of each part starts right in sync with its waveform, butter after a while they drift apart. I did create a new backup and deleted the images, with no success. I’m using 12.0.60 under MacOs Mac Mini M2.

Anyone else got this problem?

Hi @steelym

Is this only a visual problem or does the sound start to lag behin, too?

If for some reason the waveform display froze, you can try to apply an effect via direct offline processing. When you remove it again, the waveform should refresh.

Wow, many thanks - it’s exactly solved like you suggested. I did use the reverse effect twice and all is correct. Did it happened to you as well and is it a known bug?

You saved my day :slight_smile:

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Hi @steelym

Glad that it solved your problem!
I read about this somewhere in the forum before.

Btw, I meant to write direct offline processing.
This allows you to remove the effect again without modifying the original audio.

Ah, good idea - many thanks again!

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Keep in mind that the waveform display is a static image that Cubase generates when it detects the Audio has changed and stores it in the Project’s Images Folder. It doesn’t impact how the Audio actually sounds.