Cubase 12 audio quantise not working

I’ve noticed that since I’ve had Cubase Pro 12, audio quantise no longer works. Detect hitpoints automatically is checked, and I’ve never had issues with audio quantise previously. It works fine in Cubase 11.

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Could you try to Disable Preferences, please?

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The last person to bring up this issue switched on “Audio Warp” in the Quantize Panel. It seems to have done the trick for him.



Thanks Johnny, but I was already aware of the need for “Audio Warp” to be turned on, and it had been making no difference.

The problem now seems fixed, and I’ll explain what I think has happened: after selecting “automaticallt detect hitpoints” in preferences earlier tonight, after reading another thread about this same problem, audio quantise still wasnt working, nothing at all was happening when I was opening the quantise panel, with “audio warp” turned on, and clicking the quantise button (usually, you can see some movement in the audio waveform, and see the wavy line in the audio event which shows that it’s been quantised, and obviously you’d be able to hear changes, and see orange hitpoint lines in the audio if you opened it in the audio editor, but none of that had been happening, audio quantise had been having no effect whatsoever). However, after restarting Cubase, (after changing the “automatically detect hitpoints”), I could suddenly see some movement in the audio event when I quantised it, indicating that something was happening, but when I opened the event in the audio editor, there were still no orange lines indicating where each hitpoint is…unless the “audio warp” tab in the left hand inspector panel is expanded.

So, in short, I’m assuming that selecting “automatically detect hitpoints” in preferences has fixed the issue, but only after a restart, and I also wasn’t aware that hitpoints are no longer shown unless the audio warp tab is expanded.

If you have enabled automatic hitpoint detection after importing or recording the audio then these won’t get scanned automatically, that’s why you either need to scan manually in the sample editor or restart Cubase so they get scanned on next load.

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