Cubase 12 - Back up new project - Lead vocal wave chopped partially randomly.. anyone?

Extremely odd thing I have encountered, so I backed up my 96k project for mixing, and all I did different this time was,

  • making offline process permanent.

Then I have noticed very randomly and rarely, processed wave file has this weird ‘CHOPPED’ sound, time to time?

So if I magnify, I see, just emptiness time to time… would this be Cubase’s bug…?

I am using Cubase 12 Pro latest update on mac mojave osx.

Very strange and first time facing this.
Although, 96k sample rate, is my very first time and fairly big project too.

I wonder what caused this.

One more minor issue:

  • I tried to import track from 48k project, but then I had this weird ‘authorization error’? then Cubase just crashed.
  • So one of this track had filterfreak vst inserted… but wonder what caused importing this track to my new 96k mixing project?