Cubase 12 behaviour when loading VST3 version of VST2 plugin


Since Cubase 12 is not loading VST2 plugins anymore, how is it going to figure out which vst3 plugin is the vst3 version of which vst2 plugin? From the dll name? (like SynthMaster2.dll versus SynthMaster2.vst3 ?) I am asking this because since we don’t have a VST3 version yet, users have been using the VST2 version up to Cubase 12.



This is wrong. Please read the announcement concerning it.

Hi Bulent,
there’s an FAQ about it here: Frequently Asked Questions - VST - Steinberg Developer Help

And Steve is correct that only Cubase 12 on macOS running native on M1 processors is currently not supporting VST2, but it is announced that VST2 support will be dropped in a two year timeframe from new Steinberg product versions.