Cubase 12 bug Display mixer 2 and mixer 3

Good morning
I created a new macro where I selected all my tracks from a directory of activated and visible tracks and where I opened the mixconsol
with all my groups and VCA tracks(and since now there are 256 allocable)
I set the mixer 2 and 3 to be linked to the mixconsole
it works perfectly and I have all the tracks (Instruments-Groups-VCA)
but there is a display bug because the bottom of the tracks is missing and therefore the names do not appear in mixer 2 and 3.
I will try to attach a screenshot or a gif
who will be talking more when i get back.
Otherwise Cubase 12 Pro in version 12.0.20
still works quite well
I find in any case that for my system this version is not so buggy as that

Here is the example picture
ok for now the problem seems to have disappeared
To confirm

Well I spoke too quickly
The bug continues
The names of the tracks are missing