Cubase 12 Bug - Slip editing inactive lanes breaks phase relations


If you have two tracks that are in a folder with “group editing” and “phase-coherent audiowarp” on and you try to slip edit an inactive lane it breaks the phase relation between the tracks by slip editing the inactive lane that you’ve selected on the first track and THE ACTIVE lane on the second

I’m attaching a video demonstrating the problem

When slip editing the active take 55 on the “DI Guitar Clean L” track it moves take 55 on the “Kemper Clean L” track accordingly.
But then when I open up lanes and try to slip edit any other inactive take on the “DI Guitar Clean L” track it still slip edits the active take on the “Kemper Clean L” track which breaks the phase

I’ve posted about this bug in Cubase 11 one and half years ago and still no fix…

Not cool Steinberg…

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Nasty. Is this with 12.0.60 .? Did you (also) raise a support ticket on C11 when you last posted.?

I’d expect both tracks data to keep in sync (that’s the point of ‘Group Editing’ mode) and not display the continuing ‘offset’ you demonstrate. Maybe it (Group Editing) isn’t designed to work with Lanes - because of this very kind of result.? What happens when the Active lane on one track is slip-edited.?

I’ve no answers here, just fishing… (can’t check, not at my machine).

Group editing is not for lanes.