Cubase 12 Buggy

I wanted to buy a reaper, but at the last moment I decided to upgrade Cubase to 12 pro version, and to my regret it is very baggy … tell me if there will be a hot fix version? 12.0.70 doesn’t solve my problems either. do you plan to release 12.5 ? Do I need to pay for the update when it comes out? or just buy reaper and say goodbye to steinberg

From my understanding, the .5 updates have been shelved for the moment. But they are releasing lots of hot fixes all of the time. Perhaps shout what the problem is :slight_smile:


Can you explain what are the issues you have encountered ?

12.0.70 was the last hotfix update for v12. Next release will be 13 (according to I believe Timo on a thread here)

Roughy what I heard from Yamaha USA too!

This is boring, but yes. You will need to buy Cubase 13. No updates more for version 12… I am on Windows. But if you are on Mac you can go with Logic. They updates always are free! Reaper is great as I can hear. But it’s not super for video scoring. But sometimes they will do it.