Cubase 12 cannot assign hotkeys to so many functions!

I have been working for Cubase for 20 years. I pay them money regularly. But I don’t understand why!!! New features and plugins are constantly appearing that no one needs.

I work with 3D, graphics and programming languages in a variety of professional editors. And do you know how they differ from Cubase?
There, even for the most useless and stupid functions, you can assign a hotkey. Steinberg still can’t figure it out before!!!

For example, “Next preset” or “Prev presets” can be assigned to a hotkey and “Save” or “Open” is not! Input filter can be added to the Quick Control slot, but cannot be assigned to the Generic Remote controller. And so they have been mocking us for decades.

Is it really that difficult? This is a regular database!!!


I can even work on the SX version, I don’t need fancy chips, I need what is already in the program to work!!!

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What do you want to achieve with this kind of message?


He’s frustrated and wants them to listen to what he’s has to say. Look past the tone. It’s a legit request

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Sounds to me that you are content on older versions so you shouldn’t have to worry about the current ones. Find what works and go with that I say. Also consider some meditation and mindfulness approaches to dealing with negative emotions – you can live a happier life. It’s waiting for you.

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Sure, that might be like you say. However: I don’t like it when people just get loud and impolite. How do you feel, when You are working for a company like Steinberg, You try to do your job well and then people come to the forum and say impolite things in an impolite manner, bashing the results of your work?
Furthermore Dimasts tries to speak for other users when he says things like “New features and plugins are constantly appearing that no one needs.” How does he know, that other forum members value these things the same? I like the Cubase 12 features quite a lot.
A very positive example for constructive communication is the Dorico forum. I have learned long ago: if you get angry take your hands away from computer keyboards. It doesn’t help anyone to send out angry messages via email or on internet forums, it just makes life more unpleasant for other human beings.


Me personally, I don’t care about any of that stuff. Steinberg/Yamaha engineers get paid extremely well for what they do. It’s not like they are doing this for charity. I tend to empathize more with the frustrated consumer than the wealthy company. I think his frustration. is warranted and his requests are valid. There are many other simple features Steinberg has failed to implemented for reasons unknown, and they are very frustrating. Take “ripple” editing for example. Why can’t a simple cut move the whole timeline an equal distance so I don’t have to manually do it? It’s things like these that drive us nuts. How about GET YOUR SOFTWARE UP TO MODERN NORMS STEINBERG!

-Registered loyal Steinberg customer since 1992

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I think that is relative.
Since you appear to know, can you post the Steinberg salaries?

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It’s not my place to post their salaries. But you can do a quick search and find out what they are if you are really that interested. :+1::+1:

I’m not inclined to reveal my plans. If I did it, then I have reasons.

You’re right. I’ve kept it to myself for a couple of decades.

I’m already living a happy and full life. The problem in my life comes from the Steinberg company. I am an Orthodox Christian and I use more powerful methods than meditation, which allow me to burn with a happy smile even in a fire.

everyone @jazztom is right.

keep it cool calm and collected, watch a Daryl Davis interview for how to talk to even the worst people on planet Earth.

Clear articulation of your needs, and why - give a logical explanation without anger will go much further.

If I hadn’t paid for Cubase for so many years, you’d probably be right. But what I’m saying now is that they’re not doing their job well. I express purely my opinion and the opinion of sound engineers I know who agree with me. New features are needed for entertainment, not for work. To work, you need a responsive interface that anticipates your actions and provides full control. I work a lot with keyboards and MIDI controllers. And that’s the part of the job that causes me the most pain.

Thank you for support. You can immediately see an experienced person deeply immersed in Cubase.
-Cubase users since 2002

They might not even intentionally ignore your request because of your anger/rant whatever you want to call it…

think of it like this.

They do in fact keep a list of feature requests… their perception of your tone might subconsciously affect their choice in who gets bumped up in priority. ie, if someone else has a feature request of a similar fashion and equal importance but a nice tone of request… well, take a guess who will get priority.

I think the devs have done a great job getting Cubase to where it is personally… we just got Multi-Track Freeze. huge.

This is a forum about the functionality and convenience of Cubase for those who pay money for it, and not about personal problems. I am an aggressive and belligerent person and I can talk to even the worst people, and if they don’t understand, I can punch them in the face.

Wow, this went south fast. Topic closed.