Cubase 12 can't close

Hey guys,

So, it been a few days that I can’t close Cubase 12… I can close any project but not the main application? Task manage indicates that Cubase is not responding after I click on the close button… I must end the task everytime and got the safe mode at each start up.

Does it also happens to you? Any clue?

I am running W10 with C12 v12.0.52


If there’s a crash dump share ithere, it might have some info.

Also, maybe a plugin is hanging, so that’s something to troubleshoot (e.g., using the half-split method)

Hi Steve,

There is a crash dump but not sure that it is related because it is dated 2022/12/08 and was still with the v12.0.40 ?
Cubase 64bit 2022.12.8 (640.3 KB)

What else could we do?

And now at start-up I got this message: “No valid License found. The program will quit now”
And it shutdown… Whaaaatttt

I get the same but not every time. It’s fairly random and almost definitely not plug-in related.

Thanks man, I was stuck with this “no License” message and all I had to do is… reboot…
And indeed, it takes a while to re-scan all the plugins…

For what I understand, this might have been caused by the trial version of Arturia’s Pigment 4 that I had, which has expired

So now, Cubase shutdown as expected… Don’t now why or if it will happen again?

Sorry for the inconvenience