Cubase 12, can't update eLicenser Control Center - crash

I have a lot of VSTs. I upgraded to Cubase 12 and have got it to activate but only run is safe mode. As it loads, it aborts a lot of VSTs, so many I lost count. I have updates my Ilock and want to update the eLicencer but it aborts (even when Cubase is not running. I am on a fast PC with win 11. The program crashes at step 6 with “connection could not be established”.

Any ideas good folks?

Please sent us the crash log so we have something to analyse.

Which crash log, where? How?

When I use Cnbase 12 (today)…it says I only have 4 days left with Halion SE …the activation code
I had sent with the invoice is too short for the e licenser code area ???..I paid for the upgrade top Cubase 12 of course…how do I secure my long term use of Halion and other VST Instruments…

(I am an old man …may be I missed something or else the transfers just take time)???

You will find them in the Event Viewer on Windows under Windows Logs/Applications.

Please send me a PM with the file attached.

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Could not resolve this yesterday even with virus checkers and firewalls off. Today it’s updated no problem . I guess their servers were overloaded? Thank you Matt