CUBASE 12 - Comping 14 mics DRUMS with 10 track version?

what is the best method to edit and compose a final drums track starting from a recording session made with 14 microphones and 10 track versions.
Is there a tutorial? or does anyone have the patience to explain to me how to do it properly?

I would like to be able to quickly edit and listen a final track by taking the best parts from each take, but I can’t do it!
The track versions were recorded in folders with multi editing enabled.
Thanks in advance!

Check these two:

thanks, this method with the “lanes” I can’t do it with the “track versions” with multitrack… and the sad thing is that I don’t understand where I’m going wrong. Isn’t it possible, for example, to automate a switch from one track version to another so that create a comp on the fly?

I specify it again the tracks are “track version” not lane

I had already read this on the CUbase Pro maual, but it is really cumbersome, I hope there is an easier method.

I might be mistaken but track versions are really quite different from comping. I would recommend to “clean up” the project as a first step in a way that you transfer all track version to either individual tracks or to lanes on one track.

I found a smart solution.
I create new empty track version.
If I use range selection on folder’s drums track, and selecting only some bars. I can browse versions (“Drums Takes”) and easily copy the bars that I prefer in the empty track version (renamed “comping”). cubase copies all the tracks at once into the new version which will be the final version, once you understand the method it is really super easy. In short I asked the question and answered myself! :D:D

Can you make a video of you doing this? My brain isnt advanced enough to imagine what you’re doing.

I know you’ve marked a solution found but you know you can convert versions to lanes, and then comp from there.