Cubase 12 constantly freezing, need to force quit

Hi all, apologies if this has been discussed before but I can’t find an answer.
Recently, Cubase 12 has started to freeze, and requires me to ‘End Process’ in the Task Manager to quit. This happens randomly - I could be muting a track, recording, switching a send on or off, or simply playing. Sometimes it does it within 5 minutes of opening, sometimes I get 30 mins before it happens.
I’ve trashed my preferences and started with 3rd party plugins off (I only use a few anyway), but no luck.
Everything is up to date (including Windows 10), and I’ve installed no new software before this started.
Ideally I’d like someone to look at a dump file if possible, but none are appearing in a Crashdump folder. I have saved a dump-file from the ‘End process’ screen, but it’s 7Gb, which I guess is too big to upload here!
I do have WInDbg to read the file, but I really don’t know what I’m looking for.
Would really appreciate any help!


I’ve managed to get a dump file. If someone who knows this sort of thing could take a look I’d be most grateful!
Many thanks

any fix yet

Well, it seems to have fixed itself. The only thing that’s changed is a Windows update, and it hasn’t crashed for a while now.