Cubase 12 Corrupt installer

Downloaded it twice now via Steinberg download manage app… Same message.
“Corrupt Installation Files”.
Did anyone actually test this?
Screen Shot 2022-03-02 at 9.14.11 AM

Make sure you have the right operating system version. I got the same error on MAC (running Mojave). I had to update to a newer macOS.

I’m on 10.14.6. and I can’t update since I’m on an older Mac Pro.
Is that not compatible? That would suck. Didn’t look.

Cubase 12 isn’t listed on the System Requirement page on their website so how would someone know, plus, why offer a Cubase 11 Upgrade if 12 isn’t compatible with 10.14 Mojave?

C12 is officially supported on Big Sur and Monterey, but I managed to install it on Catalina. Can’t you update the OS to Catalina?

Not sure what Mac Pro the topic starter has, but I’ve got a 2009 Model (firmware flashed to 2012 model) which is officially cut off at Mojave. But unofficially I should still able to install Catalina, Big Sur and Monterey. But haven’t had the need yet… (still on C11 Pro for at least the coming few months…)