Cubase 12 crash after a while editing midi file on windows 11

Hallo, I have an issue with cubase 12.040: editing a midi file without any plugin, just the pure program,
after more or less 15 minutes totally freezes, nothing to do, I must close it with task manager.
Can you help me solving this problem? Thanks in advance.
Cubase 64bit 2022.10.26 (661.6 KB)


Update to the latest Cubase 12.0.40, please.

Hallo, thanks for the answer, with the version 12.0.40 is the same situation, I’ve tried to install 12…0.00 12.0.10,12.0.20 version to see if the issue is on the latest update, unfortunately the problem remains.
I’ll Instal version 12.0.40 and Ill send its crashdump. Greetings.
Cubase 64bit 2022.10.25 (672.7 KB)


I would recommend to use the WinRT MIDI driver. The old Windows drivers are buggy. Please, enable it in the Studio > Studio Setup in Cubase.

Hallo Martin, thanks for the suggestion, but, sorry for my incompetence, if I select “use device WinRT MIDI” the midi ports configuration above disappear, normally I use virtualmidi synth as windows midi peripheral, please give me a tip, thanks.


Sorry, I’m not Windows user. But to me it looks like the MIDI Ports don’t support WinRT then.

OK, thanks anyway I’ll try to find some other way.


I have been told, the crash seems to be also related to the Graphic Card. Please, update the driver.

Hi Martin, BINGO!!your suggestion has solved the problem, I’ve updated the graphic Intel driver and
until now, I’m working on C12 for two hours, no crash!!!
Thanks a lot.

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