Cubase 12 - crash constantly!

Anyone else having problems with Cubase 12? In my case, the software crash constantly! It’is impossible to work! Cubase 12 SUCKS !!! I have reinstalled Cubase 11 and everything works fine.
Is it just me? Or did Steinberg hurry up and release an underdeveloped software?


I mean… express yourself.

I just googled “cubase 12 crashes constantly” cuz that’s been my experience since I bought it, and found this post.
It’s a bummer that instead of replying something like “We are aware of this under-baked version we released and we’re working on an update, stay tuned”, the moderator took the sarcastic route.

So let me express myself:

Mac mini 2018
3.2 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7
32 GB 2667 MHz DDR4
OS Catalina

The projects I work on consist 160-250 tracks, with folders, automations, audio inserts (about 70), roughly 40% audio tracks, 20% instruments (mostly frozen), 20% groups, 15% FXs, 5% VCAs

CUBASE 12 CRASHES ON ME RANDOMLY once I do any of the following:
Minimizing a track → Cubase crashes occasionally
Arming an audio track → Cubase crashes occasionally
Turning off an insert → Cubase crashes occasionally
Unsoloing a group track → Cubase crashes occasionally
Editing in VariAudio → Cubase crashes occasionally
Saving a project → Cubase crashes occasionally

It crashes on me twice an hour on average. I cross my fingers before any action I take when working. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO WORK.


I am a brand new customer and this is my experience as well, except I don’t see an option of installing a version that works.

Same here. Unusable for me. I’ve sent my crash reports. Steinberg point the finger at Spectrasonics. Spectrasonics point the finger at Steinberg, in my case. Even without Spectrasonics plugins Cubase crashes frequently.

I know a lot of people are running Cubase 12 fine in Catalina, but only Big Sur and Monterey are officially supported.

Same here. It crashes constantly, no mater what I do. Even simple editing. I was on Monterey and went back to BigSur and it crashes nevertheless. And I agree, moderators could be a little nicer here.

I’m on C12 using Monterey (fresh install) and it crashes way more than C11 (which was VERY stable), but usable for me.
I still have 3 or 4 crashes a day. Lots of those crashes are when closing a project (no big deal). Some of them are related to EuCon lib.

At this point I want to just throw Cubase out the window…

If Cubase is crashing on your system, it’s better to post a crash log, or specifics about when it crashes. Run Cubase in Safe Mode (search for it if you are not familiar) to eliminate 3rd party VSTs and/or corrupt prefs.

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