Cubase 12 crashes often on start or on close and more problems

I have cubase 12 running in the studio (windows 10) and at home (windows 11)
In the studio ot works fine but on my home laptop it is a disaster.
Never before I had any problems with Cubase.
This all happens randomly. No telling when!
I tried everything what is written on this forum to solve these problems but to no avail.

Here is what happens:
1. On load I see CB loading the project but when finished it does not show anything and it is crashed. Only way to close is with Task Manager.
Most of the time the second time it will load ok but not always.
2 If I do not reload windows it often happens at a second or third cubase start the opening page does not load the news on the left, it looks like it cannot make contact with internet(?) and it is crashed or hangs.
Sometimes at second or third start it loads but “cannot find the Yamaha driver” so does not connect with my UR22mkII. If I want to switch the driver it says “cannot find it”

I am a long time Cubase user from the long gone midi days (Pro 24) but this is the worst version of Cubase I ever had. I see there are many similar complaints but it looks like nothing is happening to solve these problems!