Cubase 12 crashes on certain positions in project only (always replicable)

Hey there,
from time to time some projects crash here, when playing them back, and if the playback cursor reaches a certain position in the project.

In that case disk-cache is maxed. This happens on multiple SSDs, PCs is not dependent on path and is always replicable, also with Cubase in save mode. Also with trashed preferences.
My guess is, that cubase wants to access some file at that position, which is not possible obviously and then crashes.

It crashes without creating a dumpfile but at least I could find some error messages in the eventviewer.


Crashlog: (8.0 KB)

Project download to test (just play back from bar 80-85):

Upload the the crash log, not your text clipboard, please.

Hey @steve ,

Here is the file. Thanks! (8.0 KB)

PS: I also trashed the preferences and a colleague just confirmed he has the same issue with the project I am working on.

The Project is about 500mb, it happens with the drum files, I tried to delete everything which was not related to the issue to keep the project as small as possible:

fyi, This is not Steinberg Support. It’s just the user forum, though sometimes SB staff posts.

That’s not a crash log.

The crash log is in Documents/Steinberg/Crash logs
Just drag the file into your post. If that doesn’t make sense, have a look around the forum to how it’s been done

Hey @steve ,
I know, I am still grateful somebody tries to help!
not sure if you have seen it, but I wrote in the opening post "It crashes without creating a dumpfile but at least I could find some error messages in the eventviewer."
So there are only these logs unfortunately.

Is it a VSTi? Have you tested that?

@steve Nope, no plugins loaded, not even a cubase plugin. As already stated it happens also when launching cubase in save mode.
Just simple recorded drumtracks.

If you want you can try it out yourself wiht the attached project.

Tried your project, no crash, sorry.

Did you play back from 80 to 85? And do you use Windows or Mac?

I tried the project and, yes, it completely crashed when it hit about bar 81.

Cubase 64bit 2022.3.26 (715.5 KB)

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Thank you for trying it out and confirming the issue!
So this .dmp file was created directly after the crash? Cause in my case there has never been created one.

Would be nice to find out what it was, as probably other random crashes, which are not caused by plugins, may be related to this kind of crash.

I also tested it on C11 and C10 and it crashes there too, so this seems to be an issue with Cubase in general.

Yes the dmp file was created after the crash in Documents/Steinberg/CrashDumps

Suggest to narrow it down by removing parts and seeing if anything is the trigger for the crash.

Yeah good suggestion, I already did that. The project was much bigger, with guitars, vocals, bass, etc, and full of plugins. Tried to get rid of everything which does not cause the issue.

If I delete anything more from that drum performance however, the project does not crash anymore.
If deleting the passage from 81-83 it does not crash anymore, but also if I delete everything before 80 or after 85 and leave the rest intact.
So it is not only one specific Take or event, but seems to be a combination of the remaining ones.
Not sure how to continue troubleshoot this, as there is nothing more we can get rid of.

I could get it to crash just by using the “+” and “-” keys to move the cursor across that area.

I narrowed it down to the D HIHAT_31.wav file. If you remove that file from the Audio folder it doesn’t crash.

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It’s not the .wav file causing the problem as I tested it in another project, it seems to be the muted hi-hat parts in the D HIHAT track at bar 81 that use that wav file. If you unmute or remove them it doesn’t crash.

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Yes. See profile

Steve, are you using the GA build (12.0.0 build 205)?

Good to know, thanks again for testing! In the end I already bounced this section yesterday, so I could go on to work.
Would be nice to hear a technical explanation from Steinberg support and hopefully a fix, to prevent these crashes in the first place.

PS: it also happens on C10 and C11 here, so not really dependant on build I think.

I’ve narrowed it down to the simplest project I can that still causes the crash at about bar 81. Crashes every time.

CRASH_Bar 81.cpr (419.1 KB)

You need the following wav file from the original project linked above in the third post:


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I’ve now reduced the project to a small self-contained project in a zip file by minimizing the audio file. Crashes every time in bar 81.

CRASH Bar (651.3 KB)

Is there some way to get this to Steinberg boffins?