Cubase 12 Crashes on checking licenses (Mac OS)

I recently installed Cubase 12 and had it running fine. Now it crashes on every launch, while checking licenses. Here is the crash log. Help much appreciated, thank you.

Cubase 12_2022-03-25-091004_Henrys-MacBook-Pro.crash (80.9 KB)

Same problem here, with Windows 11, dell xps 13 9370

I’ve the same issue…

originally installed on a laptop with no issues , now I’m back home I’ve installed cubase 12 Pro on my main system and haven’t used the other install at all.
Everything was fine for a couple of days, then one day connect.dll was apparently crashing whilst loading had to shut down the task.
I Later figured out it was the e-licenser not showing anything at all and no functions available… A quick reinstall fixed this.

But now a few days later Cubase isn’t just hanging, it’s exiting completely after waiting on checking licenses for a few seconds,
e-licenser is up to date and maintenance has been performed. Still nothing… I’m becoming impatient with it if I’m honest, those moments of damn I need to get on the daw ASAP as creativity hits and then I can’t put any work down, it’s frustrating to say the least.

Hoping this is just a hotfix that’s needed.

I have the same problem.

A few days ago, when I opened cubase, the software suddenly crashed in the “Check License” section. However, I didn’t make any changes to the system and software before that. I don’t understand what happened at all…