Cubase 12 crashes on startup

Dear Jan! as I understand you have Windows, if this is the case, then I have cubase running on windows 10 without any problems and without any Halion removal

Hi Erich!
Sure here it is,
Cubase 12_2022-03-03-073603_Ollys-iMac.crash (102.9 KB)

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Hi All,

I have the exact same issue on Mac OSX with Cubase Pro 12 crashing on start-up has anyone found a solution for Mac OSX Yet?

Yes, this might be a considerable part of the problem. I run Windows 11.


Hello, we are waiting for a solution from dear Erich


@internationalrecords, @ollybui

Thanks for your crash reports, it’s crashing because you’re running macOS on a PC machine. We officially do not support Hackintosh computers (therefore Cubase is untested on these machines) but we’ll try to fix this crash during startup with the next maintenance update.

Hi Erich,

This is also happening on my Mac OSX also which is not a Hackintosh it is a Mac Pro Trashcan 2013 running Big Sur. Is this also going to be fixed?


I have the same problem cubase 12 is activated but it wont start…crashes at start, tried deleting all the plugins but it wont start…im on big sur…pls help!!!

@jdockerty : can you send me the crashlog via a private message? Thanks!

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I will do when I get to the studio later.

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So this must be Big Sur problem. I’ve been relying on my hackintosh machine with Cubase 11 for so long and so far I did not have any problems :smiley: .


Cubase 12 crashing on Mac OS Monterey on start up. Any solution yet… ;(

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@Kuu: please send me the crashlog that you’ll find in the console app as a private message…thanks!

doing so shortly

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Mine stops at scanning VST3 plugins…I do a force quit and reopen disabling all 3rd party pugins then it is ok. What is the solution again? or you need my crash log? And how do i get it?

how do I send a PM?

click on my name and then the message button

I have been trying to look for a while now. I can’t see the message button after I click your name.

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tuner not working anymore, when inserted on a track

why is that?!

@Erich_Krey How do I get the crash log