Cubase 12 crashes on VariAudio move anchor point

Just installed Cubase 12 on macOS 12.2.1. Opened a project last edited under Cubase 10.5. Everything started up just fine. I opened a vocal track, clicked on an event to open the sample editor. Now, to reproduce the crash

  • Edit VariAudio.
  • Set Smart Controls to Show All Smart Controls.
  • Hover over the segment to see the anchor point
  • Click and drag the anchor point left or right
  • As soon as you release the mouse, Cubase crashes

Thanks for the report. We will have a look at it. Could you please sent us with the crash log?

Hi and thanks. I sent a crash report to Apple. Can you tell me how to find and send you the crash log?

Just open the Console app on Mac, go to crash reports and then you can see the logs and “reveal in finder”.

Cool I see them. Where should I send them? I’m not comfortable pasting them into the forum. Do you have an email address for crash reports?

Please sent me a PM and add some context on when the crash happened.