Cubase 12 crashes :VCRUNTIME140?

Hi everybody,
New to Cubase 12 after long years of using SX, I’m amazed by the progress of the software.
Yet I have lots of crashes in various situations, without any clear explanation.
I’m using Cubase 12 Elements 12.0.70 on a Win11 PC with a Motu M2, my video card is a Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060.
I’m working on simple projects with a few instruments tracks (with Halion, Reaktor or Komplete sampler) and just one audio tracks with classic effects (compressor, EQ, reverb). Sometimes I can work for 20 minutes with no problems but other times, Cubase is crashing after 2 minutes if I change a note in the midi editor or just while playing the song.
I reinstalled everything (Windows, Cubase, Komplete…) and it was fine for two days, but issues are back and I wonder if it comes from software (drivers issue ?) or from hardware, because my computer crashes sometimes even when not using Cubase. It could be a RAM issue according to some posts I read but I’m not sure and the quick memory tests I did were OK.
So here is the latest dump file that says somewhere “INVALID_POINTER_WRITE_c0000005_VCRUNTIME140.dll!memcpy”
I’m not really able to read these files, but it sounds like a memory writing or reading problem.
If anyone can help with these file and confirm if it can be a software problem or a hardware issue ? Any help would be great ! Thanks a lot and a nice creating & recording day to everybody with no crashes !

Here is the latest crash :
Cubase Elements 64bit 2023.9.18 (1,3 Mo)

And another one from last week :
Cubase Elements 64bit 2023.9.14 (1,6 Mo)

There’s a standard troubleshooting step that should be done first thing when there’s a problem. It rules out a preference corruption, and can reveal a plugin that’s the culprit.

Run Cubase in Safe Mode and use the options in the dialog to disable preferences and also 3rd party VST plugins.

The software mentioned in your crash log is a component that is installed either by the Cubase installer, or Windows Update (I don’t actually remember which) so if Safe Mode reveals nothing useful, reinstallation is worth a shot.