Cubase 12 crashes when disable tracks

When I have a dozen tracks to disable together, or delete together, it crashes, everytime. It happens even under safe mode. I have to either disable 2/3 at a time or go back to 11 and do it and no crashes.

Not sure if it’s just me or …

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Which kind of tracks? Audio / Instrument etc. Have you tried to narrow it down? Any particular instrument for example?

If it’s audio tracks, are there any particular plugins on those tracks? Have you tried without plugins?

I’ve tried only instrument tracks, sometimes kontakt 6 only, sometimes with omnisphere or more involved. Most of them has no plug-ins on.

How many tracks? i.e. What is the minimum number of tracks that cause the issue when you try to disable them at the same time?

It’s hard to say, sometimes 3, sometimes a little more. And now it expands to audio tracks as well, crash when deleting two tracks. It’s random. I have a template with 2k tracks but only less than 20 enabled.

Same problem here, Cubase 12.0.20 crashing when disabling instrument tracks. No crash log created.
Windows 10