Cubase 12 crashes when starting projects

It happened suddenly. Applies to all projects, both existing and new. Applies to both 12.0.50 and 12.0.51. Crashes even if I tick “Deactivate all third party plug-ins” and “Disable program preferences.” I am attaching a crash-dump file, am not able to interpret this myself. I am on Windows 11.
Cubase 64bit 2022.11.25 (2.3 MB)

No useful info in the log, that I can see. (when it is useful it’s because it names a VST that crashed.)

What if you do a “Hard initialization”?

  • Rename all the Cubase User Data Folders on your machine

You can find them by doing a search in the Windows Start Menu,
or navigate to %appdata%Steinberg using the Windows Run command (Win+R)

Thanks for the good suggestions. I now upgraded to latest NVIDIA driver and this solved the problem.