Cubase 12 crashes while dissolving parts on Ezdrummer

I´m using Cubase 12.05, Windows 10
I set an Ezdrummer 3 track with midi data, select Dissolve part, Cubase shows me the new created tracks and then crashes.
And the few times it doesn´t crash it freezes for some minutes with a high disk activity.
I´ve tried it with a couple synths and it works fine.


Could you attract the crash/dmp file(s), please? Do you dissolve by the MIDI Channel or by the Pitch, please?

Dissolving by midi works fine.
Now I can´t reproduce the crash while dissolving by pitch, OMG, It just stays doing I don´t know what, but do not crash, I left the CPU disk activity red led blinking for 10 minutes until I had to kill Cubase.
Repeated it several times with same results. Cubase is unusable during this period.
CPU and memory load are at average values during that process., no idea what is going on …

It crashed again but the dmp file is blank (0 kb)