Cubase 12 crashing constantly

For ages Cubase has been fine but in the last couple of weeks it’s been completely useless and I’m not sure that much has changed with my setup.

I thought it was one plugin in particular but I’ve just noticed that it seems to be a whole host of 3rd party vsts and I can’t find a correlation between them.

What happens is I select the plugin (in the last instance MSaturator), I either get a white screen where the plugin should be or it just freezes and then I have to force close Cubase.

I’ve deleted the contents of the AppData and it works for a bit but then reverts back so it’s not really sustainable.

My machine has a Ryzen 9, 32gb Ram and I’m using a UR22C audio interface.

I’ve attached a couple of crash dumps from this evening.

Cubase 64bit 2023.2.21 (1.4 MB)
Cubase 64bit 2023.2.21 (1.2 MB)

You can analyze crashes to a certain extent in WinDbg Preview.

Thes both show crashes in Fabfilter plugins:
FabFilter Saturn 2.vst3
FabFilter Pro-Q 3.vst3

Hope that helps you troubleshoot.

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I’ve had a look in WinDbg and saw that it was these but not sure why they would suddenly start causing issues. I wondered whether some form a gfx update happened that has caused some instability, but I can’t see anything in the update logs in Windows. Will have a bit more of a dig.

I use a UR44-C and have noticed weird crashes that sometimes were fixed by a reinstall of the driver, though I never could actually confirm the cause, so maybe as part of your troubleshooting load a different asio driver. (though the chances are slim it’s that)

Thanks Steve, I’ll give it a go.

I’ve just dug through a few more logs and there are crashes caused by NI, Melda and Fabfilter. Very frustrating.

Gotta be an underlying problem, and not plugins from three different devs at the same time?

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100% I’ve had a dig through the events and there are a couple of disk related errors. Left chkdsk running and gone to bed, but fingers crossed that’s it. Otherwise I’ll have to see what support say.


This sounds quite probable given that you have 3 vendor’s plugs causing crashes.
If that does turn out to be the issue, and chkdsk is able to fix everything (you might even want to run it a second time before continuing, and make sure it doesn’t find any errors on the second pass) I think I would re-install any of the plugins that threw errors.

Run Chkdsk and a memory check with no issues found. Gonna start reinstalling things as I’m out of ideas now. :sob::joy: