Cubase 12 Crashing over and over

Here we go again, new update tons of crashes. Cubase 12 is crashing over and over for no reason. New project and old projects as well. It will start and work from empty session. Tried to do other things like open other file and crash… 3 years i never had this happen. Time to look at other DAWs, seems like cubase has run it course…

Having similar problems. Have you tried deleting/renaming your preferences folder? Also best to do the same for previous versions since 12 will copy your prefs over.

Which OS are you on?

I haven’t try to change folders name because I’m afraid I’ll lose work I’m on right now , but It does crashes opening right hand side window to check control room and boom , out.
Catalina OS

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There are major issues with this last update… 12 needs to be fixed…

Windows 10 pro…

I see now, very bad update many things to fix to even try to work with it.
I’ll go back to 11