Cubase 12 crashing please help me!

It’s kinda of a no ryme or reason can’t win pull your hair out situation!

Cubase 12.3, MBP M1 max.

So I thought I narrowed the crashing problem due to UVI Drum Replacer
But today I tried to open the session from yesterday that worked after I removed UVI DR and now that session wont open again. No crash report
either. There are several crash scenarios, it can crash while trying to open,
or at the very end when it tells you what plugs are missing when you hit ok, crash! Or it will open and crash when you try to save! Or it will open and crash when you try to duplicate a track!

Did the uninstall/reinstall today

I’ve also tried disconnecting the hardware audio and midi!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I can’t get any work done!

Thanks Very Much,



Please write the scenario (steps) and attach the related *.ips file.

If you have multiple of scenarios, link the *.ips file to the given scenario, please.

Cubase 12-2022-06-15-182108.ips (65.8 KB)
For whatever reason CB12 has not been generating a crash report but the one time it did, here it is!

The crashes are occuring upon startup of the session! So this one scenerio happened yesterday as I tried to open a session I had been working on the day before which was crashing until I got rid of UVI Drum replacer, then it would be somewhat stable! But when I tried to open the session the next day it would not open! Crash

It seems like the sessions are becoming corrupted enem though they open when 3rd party plugs are disabled!


Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.